Nikolaj Serikoff

PhD in History
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Рифаʿа Рафиʿ ат-Тахтави: переводчик и редактор сведений английских учебников географии XIX в.: описание земель ислама (ал-ʿилм и ал-адаб)

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Centum completis annis. Guest editors’ foreword

Orientalistica, 2023, №5 » GUEST EDITORS' FOREWORD, 758-763

Abi Jaber Dj., Kudriavtsev A. V. Russian and Arabic Dictionary of Christian and Biblical Vocabulary — :Moscow قاموس روسي – عربي للمصطلحات المسیحیة والكتابیة B. S. G.-Press, 2020

Orientalistica, 2023, №5 » CHRONICLE. Reviews, 1068-1076, DOI: 10.31696/2618-7043-2023-6-5-1068-1076

[Book Review:] Brock, Sebastian P. and Kiraz, George A. Gorgias Concise Syriac-English, English-Syriac Dictionary. Piscataway, NJ, USA: Gorgias Press; 2015.

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Talking to the enemy...: the military phrasebooks by the litterateur Osip Senkovskii (1828) and Lieut.-General Nikolai Biasi (1941). Part 2

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Talking to the enemy…: the military phrasebooks by the litterateur Osip Senkovskii (1828) and Lieut.- General Nikolai Biasi (1941). Part 1

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Arabic Manuscript Book Traditions: Script, Space Arrangement of the Text and Bibliographical Description

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“Peoples meet in Yemen”. A Peter A. Gryaznevich and Avraam G. Lundin memorial Conference

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Maronite writer Jibri`il Jarmanus Farhat (1670–1732) and his attempts to include the works of Christian Arab authors in the “virtual catalogue” of Arabic Muslim literature

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A note about the Greek script and the Greek language as found in Kitāb al-Fihrist by Ibn an-Nadīm

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The Greek Verbal Lemmas from the Lexicon by Bar Bahlul, their Origin and the Lost Work by Hunayn ibn "Ishaq Principles of i'rāb / According to the Greek Scholars"

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