Irina Glushkova

Dr. of History
Журнала «Ориенталистика» » Редакционная коллегия
член редакционной коллегии

Bharata’s bibhatsa-rasa, Shudraka’s Mrcchakatika and Christian missionaries’ disgust

Orientalistica, 2020, №4 » HISTORY OF THE EAST. General history, 968-984, DOI: 10.31696/2618-7043-2020-3-4-968-984

Rivers and Religion. Connecting Cultures of South and Southeast Asia The 8th South and Southeast Asian Association for the Study of Culture and Religion (SSEASR) Conference and Its Special Session at the Buddhist sites of Bangladesh

Orientalistica, 2020, №1 » CHRONICLE. Conference report, 295-306, DOI: 10.31696/2618-7043-2020-3-1-295-306

Living Through Intense Yearning and Elated Bliss: Emotional Indoctrination in the Songs of Tukaram (Western India)

Orientalistica, 2018, №1 » HISTORY OF THE EAST. General history, 66-81, DOI: 10.31696/2618-7043-2018-1-1-66-81