Mikhail Bukharin

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член редакционного совета

Frantz Grenet - Full Member of the French Academy of Inscriptions and Belles-Lettres

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Latin inscription CIL III 90 in the context of the history of Roman Orient. Old and new interpretations

Orientalistica, 2021, №3 » HISTORY OF THE EAST. General history, 561-570, DOI: 10.31696/2618-7043-2021-4-3-561-570

Military Orientologist Schools in the Context of the Foreign and Military Policy of the Russian State in the Late 19th ‒ early 20th Centuries. [Review on:] Baskhanov M. K. A History of the Study of Eastern Languages in the Russian Imperial Army. Saint-Petersburg: Nestor-istoria, 2018. 632 p.

Orientalistica, 2020, №4 » CHRONICLE. Reviews, 1189-1201, DOI: 10.31696/2618-7043-2020-3-4-1189-1201