HISTORY OF THE EAST. Historiography, source critical studies, historical research methods

Vol 6, №5 (2023) On topoi in Arab Islamic historiography
Vol 6, №5 (2023) On the question of dating Arabic texts on papyrus and paper
Vol 6, №5 (2023) The autographs of the Karaite scholar Abu-l-Ḥasan ‘Alī ibn Sulaymān housed in the Second Firkovich collection (Evr.-arab. I part)
Vol 6, №5 (2023) The Dispute between the Nestorian Patriarch Timothy I and the Caliph al-Mahdi: Versions, Manuscripts, Editions and Translations
Vol 6, №5 (2023) The manuscript of Nizami’s “Khosrow and Shirin” in Judeo-Persian from the collection of Elkan Nathan Adler
Vol 6, №3-4 (2023) Toward a Methodology for the Study of Buddhist Fine Art: (using an example of Zanabazar’s works)
Vol 6, №3-4 (2023) From Muslim Chronicles to National Historiographies? (The Conceptual Introduction)
Vol 6, №3-4 (2023) Inscription on the Monument in honor of Möngke qaghan 1257 in Mongolia: Interpretation and analysis of the Chinese text
Vol 6, №2 (2023) The Sali Bauatdinov's manuscript sub-collection within the manuscript collection from the Karakalpak institute of humanities of the Academy of sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan / Nukus
Vol 6, №1 (2023) Bodhisattva Manjushri and Zanabazar (1635–1723)
Vol 6, №1 (2023) “Oriental affairs secretary” Semyon Avramov. Diplomat of Peter I in Iran and the Caucasus
Vol 6, №1 (2023) The Formation of Oriental Studies in Azerbaijan: History, Traditions, Schools (19th — First Half of the 20th Century)
Vol 5, №5 (2022) Document Дх-1403 from Khara-Khoto: an amnesty disposal or a fragment of a murder case?
Vol 5, №5 (2022) “Daily Burnt-Offering” and “Financial Offering”: The Understanding of Service in the Hevrat Shomerim la-Boker
Vol 5, №5 (2022) Collection of Manuscripts in Oirat in Ulan-Khol khurul of Kalmykia
Vol 5, №5 (2022) Unpublished fragments of the Sanskrit manuscript SI 2093 of the Lotus Sūtra from the Serindia Collection of the IOM, RAS
Vol 5, №5 (2022) A Belated Souvenir: A Tokyo Album from the Archives of Baron F. R. Osten-Sacken
Vol 5, №4 (2022) The complexity of Oriental studies, its interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives
Vol 5, №4 (2022) New Approaches of Beijing to the Historiography of People’s Republic of China and Communist Party of China: ‘Rectification of Names’ during Xi Jinping Era
Vol 5, №4 (2022) “Telling China’s story”: innovations in school history education in PRC in 2010–2020s.
Vol 5, №4 (2022) Problems of the historical past in Taiwanese history textbooks
Vol 5, №4 (2022) “Golden Weeks”: New concepts of leisure in China at the beginning of the 21st Century
Vol 5, №2 (2022) The protective sacral formulas-parittās in buddhist texts of pāḷi canon
Vol 5, №2 (2022) Buddha Amitayus and the artistic heritage of Zanabazar (1635-1723)
Vol 5, №2 (2022) The handwritten legacy of N.E Katanov in the funds of Russian archives: diaries and materials from the period of travel to Siberia and Xinjiang (1889-1892): To the 160th anniversary of his birth
Vol 5, №1 (2022) Some aspects of virtue during the Yuan epoch
Vol 4, №5 (2021) On the Printed Fragment in Classical Mongolian Script from the Collection of IOM, RAS
Vol 4, №5 (2021) Pinkas-notebook and pinkas-register book: evolution, structure, and composition
Vol 4, №5 (2021) Medieval or Early Pre-Modern? Dating Several Fragments from a Judeo-Persian Manuscript (C40 Hebrew, the IOM RAS)
Vol 4, №5 (2021) Study of the chemical composition of Amir Wali coins by x-ray fluorescent analysis
Vol 4, №4 (2021) Coptic Papyri of the University History Museum of Perm State University
Vol 4, №4 (2021) On the meanings of the terms dhāraṇī and mantra in the Buddhist written tradition
Vol 4, №3 (2021) The last Legal Code of the Yuan Empire: History and Text
Vol 4, №3 (2021) Petitions of the Iranian kupchina (Merchant) Bijan-bek to Tsar Mikhail Fiodorovich (1613–1645) from the Russian State Archives of Ancient Acts
Vol 4, №2 (2021) An Unpublished Fragment SI 4645 of the Sanskrit Lotus Sutra from the Serindia Collection of the IOM, RAS
Vol 4, №1 (2021) The Formation Features of 'Dhāraṇis Collection' (Dhāraṇi-piṭaka) as a part of Buddhist Canon in Mahāsāṃghika and Dharmaguptaka schools tradidions
Vol 4, №1 (2021) The Fustat al-‘adala: a Unique Manuscript on the Religious Landscape of Medieval Anatolia
Vol 3, №5 (2020) James Legge on the Lun Yu’s text history
Vol 3, №5 (2020) Tax-farming agreement at the reign of the Abbasid caliph al-Muctadid (892 CE): an extract from the Kitāb al-Wuzarā’ by Hilal al-Sabi
Vol 3, №5 (2020) Ōta Gyūichi. “Shinchō-kō ki”. Book XI (part 1)
Vol 3, №4 (2020) Monetary Economy of South Kazakhstan in the 19th Century (as evidenced by the “Turkestan Archive”)
Vol 3, №3 (2020) The Ramses III's inscription and the Trojan War: towards the historiography of the discussion
Vol 2, №4 (2019) Russian language as a means of interpreting Buddhist cultural heritage: creating target-orientated vocabulary
Vol 2, №4 (2019) On the creation of derivative tantras of the Kālacakra teaching. Discovering common text block in the Sekoddeśa and the Śrīkālacakra and revealing traditional data on the relation of the Sekoddeśa to the Ādibuddha
Vol 2, №4 (2019) Mirza A. K. Kazembek and Oriental numismatic in Russia
Vol 2, №2 (2019) Two unique coins with multiple die stamps from Caucasus (13th century)
Vol 2, №1 (2019) What is the Russian for “Bodhi” an “enlightenment” or an “awakening”?
Vol 2, №1 (2019) Imagination, Desire, and Aesthetics in Engendering a Vision of Śambhala
Vol 1, №3-4 (2018) «Sarybaghysh» Epitaphs from the Chu Valley
Vol 1, №2 (2018) The King of Vajrayäna “Guhyasamäja Tantra" and the Buddhist Tantrism. Ways and Traditions of the Tantra Exegesis
Vol 1, №2 (2018) Metallic Payment Tokens from the Dayhan Counting Room in the Murghab Regal Estate
Vol 1, №1 (2018) The King of Vajrayana - Guhya-Samaja-Tantra and Buddhist Tantrism: Source critical studies and Literature
Vol 1, №1 (2018) The Greek Verbal Lemmas from the Lexicon by Bar Bahlul, their Origin and the Lost Work by Hunayn ibn "Ishaq Principles of i'rāb / According to the Greek Scholars"