LITERATURE OF THE EAST. Theory of literature

Vol 6, №5 (2023) Arabographic texts and the problem of reading
Vol 6, №2 (2023) On the Issue of the Concept of Taqlid in the Iqbal’s Poetry: Selfless Following or Shameless Imitation?
Vol 4, №5 (2021) The first ghazal of the Divan of Ghalib
Vol 4, №4 (2021) Quantitative patterns in the poetic structure of The Temple Hymns by Enkheduanna
Vol 4, №3 (2021) Motif of paper garment in Ghalib’s and his predecessors’ verses
Vol 4, №3 (2021) “The Sketch of the Arabic Literature” by V. F. Guirgass (1835–1887) in the context of the Russian Arabic Studies d the 19th century and the present situation in our branch of scholarship
Vol 4, №2 (2021) Traditions about the Martyrdom and Resurrection of Daniel and the Three Youths
Vol 4, №2 (2021) Pilgrimage Stories at the turn of two eras (travel diaries by Shikhabuddin Marjani and Abdullah Munshi)
Vol 4, №1 (2021) The Fustat al-‘adala’s relation to the Siyar al-muluk: textual analysis
Vol 3, №5 (2020) The authorship of the poem ‘Ushshaq-nama from the prospect of academic orientalist studies and modern computer technologies
Vol 3, №5 (2020) Encomium on the Twenty-four Elders ascribed to Proclus of Cyzicus (М. 591 f. 1r–11v)
Vol 3, №2 (2020) A story about the Daughter of Ka‘b from the Masnavi Ilahi-nameh by Farid ad-Din ‘Attar: the romance narrative within the mystical context
Vol 3, №2 (2020) Originals and Fabrications in the Book Series “The Persian Mirrors for Princes Written in the Saljuq Period”
Vol 3, №1 (2020) The Sanskrit term bhāvanā as used in the “Bhāvanā-krama” by Kamalaśīla
Vol 3, №1 (2020) Maronite writer Jibri`il Jarmanus Farhat (1670–1732) and his attempts to include the works of Christian Arab authors in the “virtual catalogue” of Arabic Muslim literature
Vol 3, №1 (2020) Stories (novellas) from Arabic chronicles of the 9th–10th cent.
Vol 2, №3 (2019) The development of Mongolian theory of poetry in the context of Indo-Tibetan poetic tradition
Vol 2, №3 (2019) King David: myth and history
Vol 2, №3 (2019) Ancient Views on the Upright Human Posture and the New Testament Concept of Resurrection
Vol 2, №2 (2019) Criteria and methods for reconstructing the events of the history of the Ancient Israel
Vol 2, №1 (2019) A note about the Greek script and the Greek language as found in Kitāb al-Fihrist by Ibn an-Nadīm
Vol 2, №1 (2019) The history of Ancient Israel as a modern problem
Vol 1, №2 (2018) The Bengali Vaishnavism. The Aesthetic Aspects in the Literature of Rupa Gosvami
Vol 1, №1 (2018) Power Metaphors and Metaphors Power with Paul the Apostle