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At an Arabic academic conference on the study of contemporary Arabic literature (Rabat, September 2018)

Orientalistica, 2019, №4 » CHRONICLE. Conference report, 1063-1080

Martyrdom of John of Phanijoit MS Vat - Copt. 69, fols 40r-55v

Orientalistica, 2020, №3 » LITERATURE OF THE EAST. Literature of the peoples of the world, 799-819

At the 16th Sharjah academic conference on the Arabic electronic (interactive) novel (Amman, September 2019)

Orientalistica, 2020, №3 » CHRONICLE. Conference report, 851-880

On topoi in Arab Islamic historiography

Orientalistica, 2023, №5 » HISTORY OF THE EAST. Historiography, source critical studies, historical research methods, 816-822