LITERATURE OF THE EAST. Literature of the peoples of the World

Vol 6, №5 (2023) Nāṣir Xusraw and his Rawšanā’ī-nāmа (“The Book of Enlightenment”) (beyts 456–590). Translation from Persian into Russian, comments and introduction
Vol 6, №5 (2023) The Leningrad (dating to the siege) edition of “The song of Roland” (1943)
Vol 6, №5 (2023) Invocation of God in the formal structure of letters in Ferdowsi’s Shah-nameh
Vol 6, №5 (2023) Ibn Akhi Hizam at the origins of Medieval Muslim literature of the “furusiyya” genre
Vol 6, №5 (2023) The Role of Yahya Haqqi in Egyptian Literature of the 20>sup>th Century
Vol 6, №3-4 (2023) The Questions of Theodore. Part II
Vol 6, №3-4 (2023) The Zoroastrian Calendar in New Persian Poetry: “Names of Persian Days” by Masʿud Saʿd Salman
Vol 6, №2 (2023) The ways of creating historical fiction stories in the Chahar maqala (“Four Discourses”) by Nizami ‘Aruzi Samarqandi (the mid-6/12th cent.)
Vol 6, №2 (2023) The Questions of Theodore. Part 1
Vol 6, №2 (2023) “Paired” Literary Images of the Qur’anic Prophets in Persian Classical Poetry (10th–15th centuries)
Vol 5, №5 (2022) Nāṣir-i Xusrav and his Rawšanāī-nāmeh (“The Book of Enlightenment”) (beyts 332–455). Translation from Percian into Russian, comments and introduction
Vol 5, №5 (2022) Exegesis on the feast day of Archangel Michael ascribed to Macarius of Tkow (М. 592 f. 27v–37r). Translation from Coptic into Russian, comments and introduction
Vol 5, №5 (2022) Pulp Fiction: Indonesian detective from 1950–1960s’
Vol 5, №4 (2022) Axiological determinants of the self-consciousness of the Chinese people in conditions of the construction of socialism in the new era
Vol 5, №3 (2022) The heavenly feast in the medieval Coptic literature
Vol 5, №3 (2022) The story of the journey with Iblis of the Yemeni Sheikh Abdullah in the Malay "Tale of Merong Mahavangsa"
Vol 5, №2 (2022) The Genesis of the Phoenix Image in Persian Poetry and its Interpretation in a Poem of the Same Name by Nima Yushij (1897-1960)
Vol 5, №1 (2022) Selected novellas from al-Basa’ir wa-l-dhakha’ir by Abu Hayyan al-Tawhidi (an Academic translation with a commentary)
Vol 5, №1 (2022) Beauty in the Mirror of Poetics [Book review:] N.Yu. Chalisova. Of Persian Beauty. The Lovers’ Companion by Šaraf ad-Dīn Rāmī. Analysis, translation from Persian, commentary, indices, and appendix. Moscow: Higher School of Economics Publishing House; 2021. 430 с.
Vol 5, №1 (2022) Talking to the enemy…: the military phrasebooks by the litterateur Osip Senkovskii (1828) and Lieut.- General Nikolai Biasi (1941). Part 1
Vol 5, №1 (2022) Cereals and Harvests: Polyphony in the Old Chinese Writing (part 1)
Vol 4, №5 (2021) Between tradition and modernity: Lauddin and his “Story of the Young Captain” (commented translation and research article)
Vol 4, №4 (2021) Satanological Myth in the Coptic literature and its development
Vol 4, №4 (2021) The “evidential paradigm” in Persian Classics: princes from Sarandip and other clue interpreters
Vol 4, №4 (2021) Vasily Abaev: the Russian Antistructuralist
Vol 4, №3 (2021) Female Voice in Urdu Poetry
Vol 4, №3 (2021) The travel story as the structure-forming basis for Attar poems
Vol 4, №2 (2021) Problems of reception, translation and interpretation of “The secret history of the Mongols” (1240) in Russian oriental studies (on the example of the work of S. A. Kozin)
Vol 3, №5 (2020) Discourse of the father with his son about the water of life in the masnavi “Ilahi-Nameh” by (Farid ad-Din)
Vol 3, №5 (2020) “Mir Taqi Mir”. A fragment from the History of Urdu Poetry “Water of Life” of Muhammad Husayn Azad
Vol 3, №4 (2020) ‘Warrior fighting two wars’: Life of ‘Abdallah ibn al-Mubarak in the ‘Attar’s Memorial of God’s Friends
Vol 3, №4 (2020) Nāṣir-i Xusrav and his Raušanāīnāmeh (“The Book of Enlightenment”)
Vol 3, №3 (2020) Ancient Egyptian - Arabic contacts in lexicon: clue to Arabic Urheimat?
Vol 3, №3 (2020) Martyrdom of John of Phanijoit MS Vat - Copt. 69, fols 40r-55v
Vol 3, №3 (2020) The ghazal of Mir Taqi Mir: the formation of the poetic and literary language of Urdu
Vol 3, №2 (2020) Between truth and fiction: the story by Abdullah Munshi about the British mission to Java (January–May 1811)
Vol 3, №1 (2020) Myths and Misconceptions in Japanese linguistic research
Vol 3, №1 (2020) The Shah and the beggar: on the poetic dispute between Hafiz and Shah Ni‘matullah Vali
Vol 3, №1 (2020) A story about the Daughter of Ka‘b from the Masnavi Ilahi-nameh by the Sufi Persian poet Farid ad-Din ‘Attar
Vol 3, №1 (2020) Indonesian Yusuf and Zulaikha: Short Story “The Apple and the Knife” by Intan Paramaditha (2008)
Vol 2, №4 (2019) The European linguistic tradition as compared to other traditions
Vol 2, №4 (2019) Linking the poetical text and the doctrines of Sufi brotherhoods: Sufi poetry of A. Lahuti
Vol 2, №4 (2019) A Eulogy to Abbaton, the Angel of Death (translated from Coptic, supplied with introduction and comments by E. Smagina)
Vol 2, №3 (2019) “Revolution” in the philosophy and poetry of Muhammad Iqbal (an attempt of cognitive-discursive analysis)
Vol 2, №2 (2019) Interpreting the term nafs: a component of the Sufi doctrine
Vol 2, №2 (2019) The meaning of words jan and nafs in ‘Attar’s poetry. A contribution to the dictionary of ‘Attar’s poetical language
Vol 2, №1 (2019) “Persian Miniature” from the Lev Gumilev’s Museum-apartment: the riddle of textual decor
Vol 1, №3-4 (2018) Hafiz in poetic and philological translation