PHILOSOPHY OF THE EAST. History of philosophy

Vol 6, №5 (2023) Translation of the chapter On the word of God Almighty (glory to Him!)” from the treatise of Nasir Khusraw Six Chapters” (Shish fasl)
Vol 6, №5 (2023) About Avicennа’s modification of Aristotelian hylemorphism: immaterialization of the human soul
Vol 5, №4 (2022) Ideological Universe of Xi Jinping
Vol 5, №4 (2022) Marxism, the CCP and the new era of Xi Jinping
Vol 5, №3 (2022) Brahmadeva. Paramātmaprakāśa-vṛtti. First adhikāra, dohaka 11–25
Vol 5, №3 (2022) From qasida to treatise: philosophical analysis of stories about the conference of the birds
Vol 5, №3 (2022) On the „Points of Dispute” („Kathāvatthu”) Study: Research Approaches
Vol 5, №3 (2022) Vivekananda's «Universal Religion» Project: Essence and Prospects
Vol 5, №1 (2022) Falsafa’s foundations of the modernistic theology of dialogue
Vol 4, №5 (2021) Some aspects of the authorship of the treatise “Xiao Jing”
Vol 4, №4 (2021) Avicennian reсeption of Aristotle’s philosophical psychology: the definition of the soul
Vol 4, №4 (2021) Brahmadeva. Paramātmaprakāśa-vṛtti. First adhikāra, dohaka 1–10
Vol 4, №3 (2021) Zhang Dongsun`s epistemological theory
Vol 4, №2 (2021) Philosophical Oriental Studies. By the 100th Anniversary of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1921-2021)
Vol 4, №1 (2021) Who stole the ram? The “New Interpretations” of the “Analects” (13.8) and the most recent discussions on the “effective admonition” by the scholars from the Peoples’ Republic of China
Vol 3, №5 (2020) Should “The Book of Changes” be studied “apart from the “Spirits”? Towards the necessity of new interpretations of the Lun Yu
Vol 3, №4 (2020) How Sages Taught People the Art of War: “Discourse on Armament and Food” by Li Zhi
Vol 3, №3 (2020) Dialectics in early Yogācāra and bodhisattva ideal
Vol 3, №1 (2020) Intoxication and Laughter in Japanese Buddhism: based on Konjaku monogatari shū, maki 28
Vol 3, №1 (2020) Confucian concept of “transmission of the Way” in the works by Han Yu
Vol 3, №1 (2020) Some aspects of the Gaudiya-Vayshnavism research
Vol 2, №4 (2019) Al-Farabi’s treatise “On Intellect” (Transl., foreword and comm. by T. Ibrahim)